Your practice-based path to increased team leadership mastery

Mastering Agile Team Leadership @Scale is a 5 week, individual, online, community- and practice-based action learning experience for existing scrum masters, team leads and agile project managers. You will increase your ability to succeed by leveraging the opportunities posed by a complex, dynamic environment.

We support your growth through a structured process where you will immediately start increasing your capability to address your most important current team  leadership challenge, while also broadening your toolkit.

Practical team leadership improvement

Get better at getting better – while getting things done

We take you though a practice-based action learning process designed to help you to integrate the practice of improving your team leadership into your daily work (the "double task") - for both you, your colleagues, and wider organization.

  • Chapter 1: Establish and commit

    Envision your preferred future, think through the challenges that stand between you and that vision, and define your assignment for the rest of this programme.

  • Chapter 2: Learn & grow

    Engage in the "double task" of iteratively improving your team leadership as you collaborate with colleagues on your chosen business assignment.

  • Chapter 3: Turbocharge your future

    Celebrate your success, then prepare the ground for continuous learning and team leadership improvement in your organization as you wrap up this programme. 

  • Anytime: Get inspired, seek community, get coaching

    Use our platform to seek inspirational materials, participate in structured learning events, get coaching from experienced mentors, and engage with a community of team leaders like you.

Multi-dimensional team leadership

Increase your situational mastery of the complexities, dilemmas and paradoxes of agile team leadership @scale

Every week, we will offer short inspirational, live lectures ("pitstops") to help you juggle the many dimensions of team leadership mastery. Topics covered include:

  • Improvement leadership

    Change is everywhere and inescapable. But how can you ensure that it is actually change for the better for your team, your solutions or for the broader organization? And how can you turn the "double task" of improving work as an integral part of doing the work into a daily leadership practice?

  • Relational leadership

    How can you ensure the appropriate level of shared direction, coordination and commitment in the workplace without undermining self-organization or relying on individual acts of "heroism"? And how can you expand this to the wider group of interested parties in your organisation?

  • Team leadership

    As a team leader in an agile organisation you are responsible for setting up and maintaining the environment in witch self organisation of the team members must thrive. Evolving your servant leadership is everything to your team.

  • Trust leadership

    Mutual trust is the foundation of high-performance agile organizations. But how can you build and sustain trust at scale, and what can you do to repair trust if it is damaged?

  • Personal leadership

    As a team leader, you are yourself your most important "tool". So how can you continue developing your self-mastery and set up the systems you need to support you in evolving your own leadership style or styles?

Your experience in all our programmes

  • Learning at your own pace

    Advance your Lean-Agile leadership competences through studying at your own pace with structured support. Submit work when it suits you, or stay on track with our suggested development plan. Participate in events and check-ins (optional, but recommended).

  • Immidiate Business Results

    Learn and develop your leadership through practicing and doing in your own context - solving real problems. We support you in addressing your most relevant challenge. Start increasing your on-the-job success from day one through an action-oriented learning programme.

  • Community of Lean-Agile Leaders

    You are all practitioners in the field of Lean-Agile Leadership@scale. Join a global community and be inspired by other practioners and professional leadership coaches. Get support and individual mentoring and participate in hot-seats, coaching sessions and similar events.

The Team Leadership team

Henrik Sternberg

Experienced Lean-Agile transformation partner. Executive agile coach & consultant. Specialist in product leadership, LPM, and business agility. Call me at: +45 25267702 to learn more

Ulrik H. Gade

Sr. Consultant

Experienced lean-agile coach and instructor. Specialist in flow- oriented approaches to adaptive delivery.

Do you want to spice up your SM CoPs?

Agile team leadership @scale can do that

We provide direction, constant pace and inclusive dialogues in your CoP - and at the same time connect it to your daily work. Contact us to hear more.

Five weeks exclusively for your organisation?

Your terminology, your daily challenges, lots of internal networking and sharing of best practice.


  • I have already started my scrum master career. Is this program for me?

    Yes! Mastering Team Leadership @Scale is for professionals who have already started in their careers: some on the job experience is required. If your are just trying to break into team leadership, we wish you the best. But in that case we recommend one of the many introductory courses available from other vendors.

  • I have no prior scrum master experience. Is this program right for me?

    Sorry, some on the job experience is required. If your are just trying to break into team leadership, we wish you the best. But in that case we recommend one of the many introductory courses available from other vendors.

  • How can I contact you?

    You can email us at: . Or you can call us at: +forty-five 25267702