Do these patterns look familiar?

  • You have many discussions around lean-agile leadership: but your leaders do not agree about its practical meaning - or relevance - for each of them in their local contexts

  • Breaking old habits is really, really hard. Translating conceptual knowledge into consistent, new leadership behaviours is challenging, causing leaders to fall back into old habits that may no longer be helpful

  • Lagging lean-agile leadership behaviours are becoming a drag on your business agility, undermining the confidence and engagement of your direct contributors on the agile "front line"

Invest in leadership and close the gap

If you are or have been in an agile transformation, you know it is a cultural change where you re-invent (1) ways-of-working, (2) organisational structure, (3) learning culture,  (4) leadership behaviour, and (5) steering technologies – all at the same time.

Many actions are taken in these five areas without obtaining the value aimed for, but instead, people become overloaded with huge amounts of work. 

Often, it is the leadership behaviour lagging behind other aspects of the agile change, holding everyone back.

The problem is not  the individual leaders. It is the lack of mutual understandings, guidance on behaviour in complex situations, and an environment calling for reflection on what we are actually doing: Do we remove barriers? Do we follow actions end-to-end? 

A coherent leadership approach based on teaming and lean-agile behaviours is key to developing a cultural change where all five areas improve in respect for each others needs.

Meet the people behind Agile Business Academy

Pia Petersen

Founding Partner

Experienced agile transformation partner. Executive agile coach & consultant with strong expertise in lean-agile leadership and teaming

Henrik Sternberg

Founding partner

Experienced lean-agile transformation partner. executive agile coach & consultant. Specialist in product leadership, LPM and business agility

Kirsten Bragh

Founding partner

Senior business practitioner, consultant and executive coach. 25+ years of co-creating leadership with in-depth knowledge about the psychology of teams and change

Ulrik H. Gade

Senior consultant

tekst ind her

Christina Høyer

Business development and communication

Experienced in communication and marketing across a variety of channels and target groups. Also focused on the development of our learning communities

Key capabilities in changing leadership

A programme rooted in transparent lean-agile leadership assumptions

A transparent lean-agile leadership model serves as a common reference across contexts and reminds us to reflect on our assumptions. It guides us in our choices and is a reliable source of inspiration for leadership behaviour. Together with you, we grow your model, inspired by our lean-agile leadership model © And we guarantee it will spark ongoing dialogues and conversations.

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