Business-driven action learning programmes

Face-to-face and online

Learning and teaming while taking care of business. 
During the lean-agile leadership programmes, we create professional communities where leaders collaborate, share learnings, provide support to each other and grow together. 

All programmes are tailored to your context. 

In our action learning programmes, we mix live meetups, online meetings, asynchronous online collaboration and an academy with knowledge and inspiration on demand.

Mutual understanding. Leadership teamwork

Key capabilities in changing leadership

As drivers for change we value

  • Making it easy to do the right things

  • Teaming, involvement & fair processes

  • Sustainable and end-2-end value creation

  • Holistic, systemic and economic views

  • Appreciation and considered pragmatism

A programme rooted in transparent lean-agile leadership assumptions

A good lean-agile leadership model supports all leaders' reflection on what they are already doing and re-focus their attention. 

It serves as a common reference across contexts and a reminder to reflect on our assumptions. 

It guides choices and is a reliable source of inspiration for leadership behaviour. 

Together with you, we grow your lean-agile leadership model©. We guarantee it will spark ongoing dialogues and conversations.

The model is just one of a number of shared visual references and behavioural designs we use as part of the programme. Contact Agile Business Academy to learn more