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  • Learning at your own pace

    Advance your Lean-Agile leadership competences through studying at your own pace with structured support. Submit work when it suits you, or stay on track with our suggested development plan. Participate in events and check-ins (optional, but recommended).

  • Immidiate Business Results

    Learn and develop your leadership through practicing and doing in your own context - solving real problems. We support you in addressing your most relevant challenge. Start increasing your on-the-job success from day one through an action-oriented learning programme.

  • Community of Lean-Agile Leaders

    You are all practitioners in the field of Lean-Agile Leadership@scale. Join a global community and be inspired by other practioners and professional leadership coaches. Get support and individual mentoring and participate in hot-seats, coaching sessions and similar events.

Programmes spring 2022 open for signup:

Rethink and grow your leadership

Lean-Agile leaders and transformation partners: Unlock the potential of Lean-Agile Leadership while solving systemic problems with respect to people and culture


Pia Petersen

Founding Partner

Experienced Agile transformation partner. Executive agile coach & consultant with a strong expertise in Lean-Agile Leadership and teaming

Henrik Sternberg

Founding Partner

Experienced Lean-Agile transformation partner. Executive agile coach & consultant. Specialist in product leadership, LPM and business agility

Kirsten Bragh

Founding Partner

Senior business practitioner, consultant and executive coach. 25+ years of co-creating leadership with in-depth knowledge about the psychology of teams and change

Lotte Brøndtoft

Founding Partner

Agile People & Culture practitioner.  Senior organisational business partner and strategist. Experienced transformation lead and Lean-Agile leader

Annika Bay

Founding Partner

Experienced agile transformation facilitator and leadership team advisor.  Agile People & Culture practitioner. Behavioral design trainer and  SAFe agilist

Ulrik Gade

Senior lean-agile coach & facilitator

Experienced lean-agile coach and facilitator. Specialist in flow oriented approaches to adaptive delivery


We are about to launch a number of programmes inspired by the question “How fit are we?“ If you are in an agile organisation or taking part in an agile transformation, there is likely a good reason from time to time to ask “How fit are we …. really?“ in order to identify which impediments you could benefit from removing. Our first programme is focusing on "How fit are we on Lean-Agile Leadership@scale?"

Why this joint effort: Mastering Lean-Agile Leadership @scale?

Because we see a need for avoiding decoupling

If the implementation of agile practices is decoupled from our organisational structurering, our leadership foundation and our steering technologies then the impact of the Lean-Agile approach will most likely lose momentum and not deliver the results you aimed for.  We need to couple the understanding of Lean-Agile with the understanding of organisational pshycology, human beings, learning and organisational design and transfer this understanding to practice. Mastering Lean-Agile Leadership@scale aims at creating a sustainable and coherent leadership and management culture.

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